How to Bet on Horse Racing

Jul 18, 2019

Even before online casinos were legalized in some US states like New Jersey, horse racing was one of the most popular gambling activities in the country. Even so, not everyone knows how to bet on horse racing. Would you like a quick tutorial about how to bet on horse racing? Well, read on and find out!

How to Bet on Horse Racing

Best Horse Racing Events to Bet on

When learning how to bet on horse racing, the first and most important step is knowing the main types of bets involved and understanding what they mean. So, here’s a quick look at the most common horse racing bet types and the different events that you can bet on across sportsbooks in New Jersey and other states where betting is legal:

Win Only

It is the simplest bet you can ever place in any horse racing event. If you don’t know how to bet on horse racing yet, know that here, what you do is you stake a direct win on a particular horse to finish first. You will find that top-rated bookies like BetAmerica will pay on the “double result” such that even if the “winner” is successively disqualified in the steward’s inquiry, you will still receive your winnings.

Each-way bet

These are two different bets namely One to Win and One to Place. For those still learning how to bet on horse racing, you should know that this market is quite common if there are 8 or more horses where. For place part to earn you returns, your selection has to either be the winner or appear in one of the picked positions such as 1st,2nd or 3rd with the odds paid typically represented in fractions of the odds of winning. Bookies like Bet America typically offer similar each-way conditions depending on the number of horses running as well as the type of race. See below;

In Handicap Races;

  • 2-4 horse Runners Win Only
  • 5-7 horse Runners 1/4 of the odds 1,2
  • 8-11 horse Runners 1/4 of the odds 1,2,3
  • 12-15 horse Runners 1/4 of the odds 1,2,3
  • 16 and above horse Runners 1/4 of the odds 1,2,3,4

Non-Handicap Races;

  • 2-4 horse Runners Win Only, and there is no place betting
  • 5-7 horse Runners 1/4 of the total odds 1,2
  • 8 or much more horse Runners 1/5 of the odds 1,2,3


This bet type is very common across very many shops where horse racing punters bet on several winners accumulated in one bet. It’s an exceptional wager but tricky for those who still haven’t fully grasped bow to bet on horse racing.

Even so, it’s a great choice especially if you are feeling optimistic and you want to get more money since winnings are often doubled and sometimes trebled. In the US, the most common Accumulator bet is the Yankee which comprises of four selections and eleven bets in total.

Bet Now

Horse Betting Strategies

Before you officially get started on horse racing, it is critical that you understand some tried and tested strategies of how to bet on horse racing. Some of the most effective include;

Do your homework

Do thorough research on the statistical data of each horse you consider betting on. Find out what impacted that particular horse to become a runner by looking for details like bloodline, jockeys among many others.

Take advantage of the horse racing promotions

You can start by choosing a bookie that offers appealing promotions so that you can get more bang out of your buck. For instance, a promotion like “best odds guaranteed” is among the finest deals because if the starting price is more than the price you took the first time you placed the bet, you will get paid more.

Shop the odds available

We recommend that you look for reputable horse racing sites that provide the best odds on the horse races and shop from there. In case you need some help shopping, below is an exclusive look at the most rewarding platforms for betting on runners

Best Horse Racing Sites

The three reputable betting sites in the United States are as highlighted below

Bookmaker NameSign up BonusOur Rating
BetAmerica100% deposit match bonus of up to $100Rating 4.5/5
TVG$20 free welcome bonus + up to $100 sign-up bonus on making a depositRating 4/5
Twinspires$100 bonusRating 3.5/5

We consider BetAmerica as the best bookmaker especially for beginners who are still learning how to bet on horse racing. The platform has a juicy welcome bonus, very favorable odds and a wide range of horse racing markets. Currently, they cover major horse races around, and you can place wagers on events in real time.

Coming a close second is the TVG betting site with a solid welcome offer for new members. The odds here are also worth your while, and you can get solid returns if you pick the right selections. The third platform that we recommend is Twinspires, which also offers great bonuses and a tangible market selection although some of the odds aren’t as high as what you’ll find in BetAmerica.

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