BetAmerica Horse Racing Review

Nov 30, 2018
by admin

Whether you’re a newcomer to race betting or an experienced race gambler, you need to know which is the best horse racing bookmaker to trust with your money. This BetAmerica review will cover various key areas of the betting app and website to give you insight into whether it’s the right bookmaker for you. Our BetAmerica review will take an honest look at the welcome bonus, the events available, the live streaming service, and the app. Read on for our comprehensive BetAmerica review.

Welcome bonus3/5
Live streaming5/5
Mobile app5/5

BetAmerica Welcome Bonus Rating

New users of BetAmerica can get a welcome bonus of up to $100. They will match your first deposit, which must be a minimum of $25, so to get the full bonus amount, your initial deposit must be $100. Check out the BetAmerica promo codes we offer, and check back often as they get updated.

While this bonus sounds quite generous, it isn’t as simple as having a free $100 to bet with. The bonus isn’t accessible until you start making wagers, and even then, it will take a while to release the full amount. After you make your first deposit, assuming you choose the full $100 to get the maximum benefit, the bonus will appear in your pending bonus balance fund. It can then be released in increments of 10% of each bet you place. So, if you place a $30 bet, $3 of your bonus fund will be released into your cash fund. If you place a $40 bet, $4 of your bonus fund will be released into your cash fund, and so on.

Once the bonus makes its way into your cash fund, it is yours to do with it as you wish. You can use it to make wagers, or you can withdraw it to your checking account via direct bank transfer or check; though note that minimum withdrawal limits and some fees do apply.

As the bonus can only be released as 10% of each bet you place, you would need to bet a total of $1,000 to release the full $100 welcome bonus, so your betting habits will determine if the welcome bonus is really of any value to you. If you would ordinarily bet this sum of money anyway, then the added $100 for free is a nice extra. However, if you’re only interested in placing smaller bets, then it’s unlikely you would ever be able to release the full $100 and get the benefit of it, so to suggest you get $100 free to play with just for depositing $100 is a bit misleading. While investigating for our BetAmerica review, we learned that if you don’t manage to release your pending bonus balance within 30 days, then it will be wiped clean and reset to zero.

Due to the limitations on releasing and using the bonus being defined by how much you wager, the welcome bonus would be more accurately described as a 10% bonus on the first $1,000 you bet. This obviously sounds less appealing than matching your first deposit of up to $100, but it is still a fairly good bonus for people who bet large sums of money.

BetAmerica Events Rating

BetAmerica has an excellent reputation as an established and trusted online betting site and app with many BetAmerica review articles claiming it to be the best race betting app available. With an enormous choice of horse races and greyhound races to bet on, BetAmerica is one of the key players when it comes to race bookmaking. Horse racing and greyhound racing fans across the United States and Canada rely on BetAmerica for a large proportion of their wagering as well as being able to watch any of the races live on their streaming device.

It’s safe to say that BetAmerica truly has horse racing and greyhound racing covered with all of the main events as well as hundreds of local and smaller events being available to watch and bet on.

It’s not difficult to see why BetAmerica is touted as the best horse racing bookmaker, but it does lack diversity. This is a problem BetAmerica has identified themselves and will be rectifying it by expanding into Casino betting shortly. Click for more information on the coming expansion. It’s possible that they will also continue their expansion into sports betting in the future, which would vastly improve their events ratings in a BetAmerica review.

Live Race Streaming Service Rating

Live race streaming is one of the things that contribute to BetAmerica being the best race betting app. All races that are available to bet on can be live streamed from your tablet, laptop, desktop, or mobile, even if you haven’t placed a wager on the race. This is a great way to access both major and minor races, especially if you don’t have the necessary channels on your TV or you’re out and about while the race is on.

BetAmerica Mobile App Rating

The mobile app, available on iOS and Android, gets a top rating in our BetAmerica review. It is easy and clean to operate, is a visual joy to look at, and makes placing bets a quick and simple task. You can access everything that is available on the website but on a more mobile-friendly platform. Read about the biggest races to bet on in America.

BetAmerica Review Conclusion

In writing this BetAmerica review, we’ve found them to be among the best betting websites available. While they lack a broad spectrum of events and sports to bet on, racing is their specialty and where their expertise lays, and this is clear to see.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
thumbs upComprehensive catalog of racing eventsthumbs downWelcome bonus is slightly misleading and only really achievable for big spenders.
thumbs upLive streaming can be watched even on races you don’t bet on.thumbs downA no-deposit bonus would be useful for newcomers to try out the site without risking any of their own money.
thumbs upStatistics and analysis features are great for new users or racing buffs.
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